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It’s all in the Name:

Spirit is for the mindbodyspirit connection as well as for the Inner Knowing or Soul Wisdom of the individual.

Spirit(ed) is for the energy required for change.  It takes an passionate sense of self, a strong desire to live YOUR life, and even a little inner Sass and “Hell yeah!” to narrow in on what matters, and then to get out of your own way and live it!

Growth reflects inner healing, inner revelation of self, and the vibrant life that emerges from living on purpose.

Spirit(ed) Growth is about using the framework of life coaching or counseling (depending on your needs) coupled with yoga therapeutics, mindbody science and our natural healing propensities, and creative tools to create the life you want to live.

Simply, Spirit(ed) Growth occurs at the intersection of psychology, mindbody science, and personal growth.

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