Mindfulness for Gifted & Anxious Children

Children and Tween Meditation

Renee’s first foray into yoga and wellness occurred at the tender age of 4.  As a young child, she asked her mother how it was, exactly, that reindeer could fly.  The brilliant answer?  They really, really believe they can and they never let any other thought cross their mind. 

What a beautiful gift—the fervent practice of meditation (oh the hours spent lying in that bunk bed holding that thought!) and the firm belief in the power of self all wrapped up in one perfect challenge!

As a yoga teacher and mental health counselor, Renee has always been certain children simply need to be exposed to Life Skills to learn self-love and self-care. Later, as a young mother seeking meditation classes for her own anxious child, she discovered her true children’s calling: Group and Private Mindfulness Skills for Gifted and Anxious Children.

Gifted children are wired for “more” and with that more comes some “special needs of a different stripe:” a strong brain with a tendency to over-identify with the clear pictures that form in their minds as though what they think is actually real. This tendency can lead to things like sleep issues, anxiety, fears and phobias, OCD, ODD, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, perfectionism, and hypochondria, in addition to just plain old “childhood.”

Renee teaches bright kiddos and their families how their big beautiful brains work, and armed with that empowering knowledge, they explore ways to joyfully tap into their own strengths and loves to create meditation practices that change the(ir) world!

Renee is a certified Connected Kids Tutor and Registered Yoga Teacher and offers group class and private sessions.  Contact or schedule a Consultation at the “Schedule Now!” link about to learn more.