Hacking the Bodymind

Hacking the Bodymind

I’m always trying to figure out how to get my most important life skills that I teach to clients over and over out to as many people as possible for the cheapest price possible.  The skills featured in Hacking the Bodymind are key elements of living a low-stress lifestyle and are what I call the “low-hanging organic apples.”  They’re easy pickin’ (easy to incorporate into a busy life), they’re pretty SwEeT (they *work*), and they’re 100% natural and chemical-free!

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Learn how you can use natural Bodymind mechanisms to rewrite stress and shift emotional states.  Educational and experiential explorations with Renee Groenemann, licensed counselor, yoga therapist & mindfulness coach.


Feb 26, 7-9pm–Holistic Alternatives to Support Those with ADHD–Panel discussion about holistic approaches for living your best with ADHD.

  • Chiropractic Neurology with Stephan Moje DC, DIBCN 
  • Mindfulness with Renee Groenemann MA, LPC
  • Functional Medicine with Dr. Laurie Jahnke DC
  • BodyTalk® with Christi Graeter RN, MSN, PhD

Come learn with Us. Find hope, health and harmony.

Event is FREE but donations to  The Healing Space of Cincinnati appreciated.



RSVP:  513-931-4300 BY FEBRUARY 22




Other Regular Topics:

Shake it off!–Learn  the rudimentary mechanisms of the nervous system that make body and movement effective components of trauma and stress recovery.

One-Minute Mindfulness–Learn why it’s important to practice mindful moments rather than 20+ minute practice and learn several different techniques so you can find respite that works for you.

Insight-Oriented Hypnotic Journey–Deep relaxation couples with symbolic imagery to discover the support you need in the next steps of life. Enjoy this relaxing dream-like state and create change as a result. Learn how to let your subconscious be the guide! Bring a journal and wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Experience–The body doesn’t lie.  Experience personal embodied mindfulness in a group setting.  Discover that your past experience is written upon your body and that future change can be as simple as learning how to listen.  Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is used as a component of trauma recovery, life coaching, burnout prevention and stress reduction, and personal Spirit(ed) Growth.  Bring a mat and a journal.  Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Getting Out of Your Own Way: Procrastination–Just can’t seem to get moving (even though you KNOW you want it!)?  For hours? Days? Years, even?  If procrastination sends you into late night frenzies or keeps you from what you want to create in your world, this class will be chalk full of insight, ideas, and even yoga and philosophical practices so that you can level that hill and get out of your own way.

Test the Waters of Zapped to Zen– Explore the body’s wisdom of power of acceptance in creating change.  Mindful movement and exploration connected to our life journey.  Notice the impact of one hour, and understand the significance of an 8-week commitment to Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy groups.

Emotional transformation using the breathEver been told to take a deep breath?  Ever sigh out of frustration?  Want to learn to transform anger to calm? Anxiety to ease? How does breath influence emotional state?  Breathing patterns, techniques, and impact on emotions via neural activation.

Name a Topic of Interest–I can offer a future “Hacking the Bodymind” on a topic of interest at The Healing Space or at the location of your choice by mutual arrangement.  Message me at renee(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)spiritedgrowth.com!

Offered monthly on Mondays, 10-11:30am except as noted above.

Location:  The Healing Space of Cincinnati

Pre-registration is strongly suggested (less than 3 pre-registrations, no class). Call or email to confirm class will meet. Contact renee(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)spiritedgrowth.com with inquiries.

Fees: $25 per class