Spirit(ed) Women: Rediscovering ME

Spirit(ed) Women: Rediscovering ME

Empower(ed) Change. From Bodymind to World.

An Inner Eye Life CoachingTM Event With Renee Groenemann

spirited women

A group dedicated to powerhouse women {world changers and caregivers} who desire to make things happen in the world both in their personal lives as well as in service to others. 

The path to living, heart and soul, is a journey through the body.                                   THAT’S Spirit(ed) Growth.  ~ Renee

It happens to all of us somewhere around THE TIME.

  • The time the kids discover some independence.
  • The time the marriage is declared bankrupt.
  • The time to return to work after staying home.
  • The time you let go of the career (or it lets go of you).
  • The time of the hard stare into midlife.
  • The time where moving any direction is with pain and yet you take the next brave step.

We land both feet on the ground, take a deep breath, and think: “Oh, wow. Right. I am my own person. With my own interests. Had I forgotten?! Who AM I again? And could I ever go back to being that same person?” We enter a phase of rediscovering ourselves and our passions, or even re-imagining ourselves, our careers, and our purpose.

World Changers and Caregivers come in all forms. This group is dedicated to powerhouse women who desire to make things happen in the world both in their personal lives as well as in service to others.

Forever changed by this womanly dedication to nurturing {relationship with} others, we’ve discovered we are creative beings with need to self-express! In this group, we will seize the opportunity to purposely create our lives {and change in the world} using group discussion and support, life coaching, creativity and mindbody/yoga activities. Content will be guided by the unique needs of the women in the group.

Recommended as a stand-alone group experience or as a follow-up to Zapped to Zen: Serious Self-Care for World Changers and Caregivers.

Sample topics from past groups have included: roles, perfectionism, procrastination, manifesting, asking the right questions, contentment and faith, awareness, acceptance, action, right-sizing, boundaries, hell-yeah living, exploring the heart, self-compassion, fear of success and fear of failure, focusing, discovering truth, self-forgiveness and more.


Dates/times*:  9:30-11:30am, Wednesdays (Starting Fall 2015)**

Cost:  $25 per class or $100 for 5 classes in 8 weeks

Location:  The Healing Space of Cincinnati

Pre-registration:  **Required**  weekly for planning purposes (some activities will include art supplies).


*Attend any or all weeks

**Check website to pre-register and for any skip weeks due to vacation, sickness, etc. as this will be an ongoing class.  Pre-registering will assure you get these notifications.

Maximum 12 participants