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Zapped to Zen

Serious Self-Care for World Changers and Caregivers


Ever feel like you’ve got zero left to give, yet you muscle on because there’s important things to be done in this world (and you’re THE ONE to make things happen!)?  Ever feel like self-care is just one more should on a very full plate?

You don’t need to add one more thing, you need to learn how to create intentional space to BE between all your DOs. You need to listen deeply to what your body and Spirit(ed) self yearn for. You need 8 weeks dedicated to forming new, life-changing habits. You need to go from Zapped to Zen!  Your life will never be the same.  I promise–mine isn’t!


Gimme Some Zen!


Scaled early registration discounts available.

Use coupon code ZEN75 for $75 off of registration before December 25

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Questions?  FAQs below.

renee meditation

Me, feeling all zen.

A Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy 8-Week Mindful Living Reset Button

Dates: January 25, 2016 – March 15, 2017

Days: Thursdays (PLUS Sunday, February 18 full-day retreat)*

Times: 10:45am-12:45pm (retreat day will be full day)

Location: The Healing Space of Cincinnati

217 Wyoming Ave

Wyoming, OH 45215

Price*: $500


*Call to inquire about scholarships available for those with need.

*Note preregistration discounts above.

***Healthcare workers, therapists, and healers, call 513.289.6759 for your special discount to kick burnout to the corner!***

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Thematic 8-Week Approach (January 25, 2016 – March 15, 2017)

• Week One—Befriending the Body/Body as Team Player
• Week Two—Developing Awareness
• Week Three—Practicing Acceptance
• Week Four—Choosing
• Retreat Weekend—Cultivating Relation to Self and Purpose (8-hour retreat day)
• Week Five—Discerning
• Week Six—Discovering Personal Truth
• Week Seven—Acting on Truth
• Week Eight—Re-Creating/Flow



“In my path through the program, I have built my capacity to be at peace and my resiliency to the moments that rock my zen, been more fully present to myself and my family, made choices each day to support who I want to be, improved my sleep patterns, improved my dietary choices, listened deeply to my body, recognized my deep need for a creative life, chosen to exercise my creativity and commitment to relaxation daily, and (hugely) reintegrated from a resurgence of my PTSD. All that, and I’m only on week 6!”

~ RG

“[When I signed up for this group], my only reservation was fear that I would not stick with it. I got stuck the first week when I was sure that everyone would return fully awakened and I hadn’t done anything on the list. After [I chose to return] it was easy to continue because I felt so good when I left.  Zapped to Zen helped me to make a major life decision. I have run a small business for 10 years that has caused me to be stuck in a life of anxiety and isolation. Most of the things in my life were contrary to my soul. As I reflected on my true nature and the root of my unhappiness I decided to sell. The practices I learned helped me cope with the emotional separation from everything I knew and gave me the courage and confidence to look forward to the endless possibilities on my new path. The group provided support, sharing, & endless honesty.”

~ Carrie

“Mornings were an issue with my full time job, but I hoped to learn better self-care and ways to achieve that in my own life as well as ideas to help in my counseling with others. The work does what it says. You will get what you put into it, and I felt that giving what I could to my own experience was enough. No judgments.”

~E.N., Licensed Professional Counselor

“The time commitment for an 8-week series is significant, but I wanted to be more in touch with my body and my inner truth. Prior to entering this class my belief was that meditation had to be done perfectly—no wondering thoughts or attention. Now I understand that it’s really about allowing yourself the space and grace to meditate in a way that works for you, even if it is for just a few minutes a day. The yoga and meditation allowed me flexibility to get in touch with my own flow—I got to choose. I found my own tools and techniques to discover my truth and learn how to integrate meditation into my daily life.”


“I would absolutely recommend Zapped to Zen. It is a program that helps people learn how to listen to self and incorporate practices that lead to a mindful approach to dealing with life and its stresses. I learned a tangible process to incorporate mindfulness throughout the day and received positive reinforcement on how to listen to my Self.  The most valuable thing I gained from Zapped to Zen was learning to incorporate the process into my daily life. Getting the chance to share and learn from others and going through the exercises weekly as a group made it easy to understand and do it at home. Renee helped me process the lessons I was learning and was always available to support me. She created a very comfortable and accepting space.”


” Life gets so busy with everything on my to-do list. Even though morning childcare can be challenging, it was so nice to just give myself that time to be. That time I took carried over into my life. Making my own choices is one of my issues.  [This group helped me] examine my choices. I felt during our yoga practice that I could make any choice and it would be okay. I feel that I am now able to make more empowered choices.

“Renee did such a wonderful job of creating a safe space for the people in the class to share their truths. It was an atmosphere of total non-judgment.  By examining my own truth, I have been able to be more honest with myself.

“I also love how we focused on one concept per week, enabling us to dive deep on each topic.”


“The most valuable thing I gained from this experience was feeling worthy of self-care and feeling free to connect and listen to the knowledge of my true self even when it does not match others’ expectations. I learned quick, effective ways to connect and care for self and developed a sense of self from a place of confidence and peace.

“This was my first silent retreat experience, and I will do another. I was able to process my emotions and hear my divine knowledge speak to me in ways I had never experienced before.”

~Kathy, LMT, Emotional Polarity Therapist

Renee’s strengths include a balance of structure and going with the flow. She was specific, calm and encouraging. I learned I can find calm in chaos on a consistent basis.”

~ Christine, RN, MSN, PhD

Potential Results
  • Practices build resiliency to stress and change
  • Mindfulness practices are research-based practices found to:
    • Address the symptoms of PTSD and trauma-related symptoms (50% of PTSD sufferers also suffer chronic pain)
    • Reduce the experience of pain
    • Stop stress headaches, IBS, and other patterned body stress responses
    • Reduce anxiety and improve sleep patterns
    • Retrain the mind to focus on what matters most to you, not what worries you most
  • Embodied mindfulness, the practice of experiencing mindfulness through body awareness, is demonstrated to accelerate change due to engagement of body memory in the process and unique ability to tap into the fight or flight response of the animal brain
  • Phoenix Rising Groups are used across the nation as/with:
    • standard protocol in oncology units
    • weight loss and dietary change programs & eating disorders
    • trauma recovery
    • corporate executives and peak performance
    • 8-week format creates foundation for permanent lifestyle change through formation of new habits


Gimme Some Zen!


Use coupon code ZEN75 for $75 off of registration before December 25

Use coupon code ZEN50 for $50 off registration before January 4.


Each Week, You Can Expect
  • Connecting
  • Physical movement practice plus meditation
  • Self- and life-reflection
  • Journaling
  • Voluntary Sharing
  • Integration (How does this relate to my daily life and what action might I take as a result?)
  • Action commitments and Weekly Homework/Practices


The 8-Week Group Program Offers Continuous Support Between Meetings
  • Binder with daily practices and reflections
  • 3 levels of activity engagement—Playing Full Out, Serious Change, and Committed to Change
    • Life happens.  Three levels allow people to choose what fits into their life for a particular day while still staying committed to the program.
  • Recordings of weekly yoga/movement class for home practice
  • Recordings of meditations
  • Inspirational email reminders to maintain commitment
  • Facebook private closed group for participants only and/or buddy support systems
  • Discounted private sessions for the duration of the group
    • You’ll get a coupon code the moment you register for 30% off of sessions good through the end of November 2017
  • Renee’s support—Available via email, Facebook private group,  & 15-minute calls as needed


  • Yoga and embodied movement classes adapted to all physical needs led in the Phoenix Rising style of dual process (attention to physical and mental/emotional elements of the present moment)
  • Meditation and mindfulness practices
  • Self-care practices like massage, journaling, walks, and even bubble baths!!
  • Reflective dialogue and group sharing facilitated to build community and connectedness while growing personal insight
  • Daily practice commitments
  • Flexibility to fit into lifestyle
  • Group support for commitment and insight for change
  • Daily integration and action commitments

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I will be gone for one or more of the meetings?  Every class is recorded for your future use if you ever want to repeat the program.  If there is a week you will be out of town or have other commitments, you can participate in the full embodiment and meditation experience in the comfort of your home using the recordings.  In addition, you will receive weekly explanations of your home activities, a binder with the activities, Facebook support, and access to Renee for a free 15-minute phone call if you have any questions.  A missed class is not an issue, no matter what level you choose to participate.  That said, as with all things in life, the more you can put in the more you will get out of it.  Using the ways described to connect and understand the weekly theme are important to your overall experience and fully supported.
  • I’m not very flexible.  Can I do the yoga and embodiment portion of the class? Any Body can easily participate in this class.  No pretzel poses and lots of permission to be comfortable in your body, even if it is a pained body.  I promise! This is not a traditional yoga class so there will be few traditional yoga poses.  Instead, it is an exploration of our experience inside our bodies. Choice is a key component of every class.  For example, a seated experience can happen on the floor or in a chair or even standing, and often every Body in the room is in a different position.  Rather than a sun salutation, you may be asked to walk around the room and notice what’s happening in your foot or with your emotions.  Each body experience is built around feeling the theme of the week in your body. You GET IT.  When you get it, you know what it feels like and you can create it actively in your daily life.
  • I’ve never been able to meditate.  Can I handle the mindfulness portion of the class?  The mindfulness we engage in is called embodied mindfulness and is introduced in phases over the 8 weeks.  Basically, we’re learning to slow down and experience our lives through our bodies by learning to listen.  Each week, we will have a short 5-10 minute meditation, often built around an inquiry.  For example, you may be invited to pay attention to sensations in your body or to notice the differences between one experience and another experience.  We are not “emptying the mind” so much as noticing what’s happening in a focused way.  You can choose to practice each inquiry in a seated position, lying position, or even walking, based on what your body needs that day.

Contact renee(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or call 513.289.6759 with inquiries.


Gimme Some Zen!