Choose Your Path

There are three paths you can take in working with Renee, each with it’s unique benefits.  I like to call them the “hats” I wear, as each has a nuanced difference in approach, yet all help you to Get Out of Your Own Way and Live YOUR Life:

Life Coaching (What is Life Coaching?)

Mental Health Counseling (What is Mental Health Counseling?)

Yoga and Yoga Therapeutics (What is yoga and yoga therapeutics).


I weave the elements of several modalities I am trained in into each approach based on your interests.

I believe that: we are our own best healer, that we have a propensity for wellness, and that the same healing “strand” runs through each modality and that it is therefore more important to find what resonates with YOU, the client, and your particular interests and strengths than to adhere to any one modality.   The table below (to come) will give you a sense of each of these modalities and how they might work for you.

Contact Renee at info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or at 513-289-6759 to discuss which path might be the best for your needs and interests.