Children’s Mindfulness and Meditation–6-9 years

Children’s Mindfulness and

Meditation Series

(6-9 years)


Take a deep breath. Let it out slowly. Now imagine you’ve been handed the gift of a low-stress life. Picture it.  Can you feel it NOW? How often have you fantasized

about this very thing?


I am partnering with Larita Hayden this summer to offer a unique camp experience for your kids!  Engaging teachers.  Skills for life!


Week-long camp offered: 

June 18-22, 9:30-12:30am

Location: The Healing Space of Cincinnati
Fees: $220 per week (discount of $50 off the second child when you sign up two campers and use the coupon code 2FOR50OFF)



Meditation/mindfulness practices are a way proactive parents can give the seeds for a low-stress and more successful life to their children. Meditation and mindfulness skills are a recognized and evidence-based method for helping children relax and refocus. Meditation is used for children of all stripes, including those dealing with sleep issues, anxiety, fears, OCD, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, perfectionism, or just plain old “childhood.”

This workshop series is designed to expose children to meditation and self-calming practices while giving parents the tools they need to support children at home.  Parents are supplied with weekly newsletters and encouraged (though not required) to attend the weekly class with their child.  Relaxed parents=relaxed children!


This course will help children:

  • Name their emotions and practice emotional calming.
  • Recognize the early onset of stress (the earlier it’s recognized, the easier to conquer).
  • Name their physical and emotional responses to stress.
  • Name their stress triggers.
  • Learn basic relaxation and meditation techniques specific to their personalities and how they “do the world.”
  • Shift focus.
  • Stop anxious or repetitive thoughts.
  • Experience the clearness of mind that comes with meditative calm.
  • Discover their basic motivation to continue their meditation practice.
  • Team with their parents to develop skills between sessions.
  •  Develop components of a script for a calm place meditation that they can record with their parents.


Parents will receive:

  • The ability to attend class(es) with their child if they choose.
  • Informational parent letters regarding what the children learned, why they learned it, and how to support ongoing practices.
  • .mp3 recordings of meditation practices for children and parents to practice daily
  • Ideas/feedback for how to best support your unique child’s needs based on instructor’s observations.
  • Ideas for props, supplies, setting up spaces for meditation, meditation apps, and more.



Follow this with two hours of yogic play and healthy eating!

Yoga Adventures utilizes movement and mindfulness to engage the whole child. Larita Hayden will integrate storytelling, games, music, language, and art to help children learn about themselves and their surroundings in a multi-sensory environment. Children will learn breathing techniques, build up their inter- and intra-personal skills, and have a lot of FUN!

Larita Hayden is a certified kids yoga instructor through Rainbow Kids Yoga, has a 300 yoga certification through World Peace Yoga, and has training with Child Light Yoga as a baby & toddler yoga instructor. Larita is currently the yoga teacher at St. Rita’s School for the Deaf.


 This mindfulness, yoga and healthy eating camp is a 5-day camp, from 9:30am-12:30pm.



Registration must be received by one week before the camp start date.  Late registrations are with camp leaders’ approval only, and dependent on availability.  Minimum registrations of 6 must be met for camp to meet.  Camp leaders reserve the right to cancel the camp based on enrollment, at which point moneys will be fully refunded.  If YOU need to cancel the reservation for your child, you will receive a 100% refund for any cancellations received PRIOR TO one week before the camp start date.  Cancellations received after that time will result in forfeiture of the full fee.

Renee also teaches Inner Eye Life CoachingTM Mind~Body~Life Skills to individuals.  These private sessions include breathing, meditation, mindfulness, and self-calming skills tailored to your personality and strengths.  Private skills sessions are discounted for those concurrently enrolled in a meditation workshop.  Contact info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) with inquiries for privates or for group offerings to your group or organization.